If you think managing mobile devices within your organization is tricky today, you ain’t seen nothing yet. With the mobile market expected to balloon to 6 BILLION devices by 2020, things are going to get complicated – especially in the workplace.

Without some sort of management plan – mobility governance aligned with business goals – your device management will be defined by manual processes, limited visibility, fragmented systems. Not exactly a winning recipe for growth…

As mobile usage among employees becomes more complex, failure to implement an end-to-end mobility strategy will prove disastrous. That’s why it’s important to address a few critical questions today.

  • Who is in control of mobile device management?
  • How is a lack of strategy affecting business today?
  • How will devices be managed?
  • Is BYOD or company-owned the better strategy for us?
  • How do we educate everyone about expectations?
  • Who is or isn’t empowered by this mobile strategy?

This is where Taming Mobile Mayhem: An Action Guide for Achieving Mobility Management can help you:

  • Examine the impact of mobility on key business processes
  • Assess current processes and opportunities for improvement
  • Implement mobile governance plan
  • Monitor costs and usage

Waiting to get your mobility strategy in place only puts you further behind. Get your copy of the action guide now.

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