What our SaaS solution includes:

Always-On Service Desk

Your clients no longer spend valuable IT resources on mobile device troubleshooting. Our 24/7 service desk is staffed by U.S.-based mobility experts.

Intuitive Cloud-based Portal

Your clients will gain a holistic view of every device under management – and receive automated alerts about any at risk of overages before they are reflected on their carrier invoice.

Proactive Management

Professionals trained in enterprise mobility keep an eye on your client's mobile environment in real time and ensure company mobile policies are being followed.


Detailed monthly reports allow clients to drill down into each phone line and identify any problem areas. Allowing them to stay on top of expenses by business unit, user or cost code.

Being able to control their mobile devices and users can change the way they look at their mobile expenses.


Our trial process is simple and clients are able to start using our services within days

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Once  enrolled, we connect your carriers with our portal.

Our expert implementation team guides and teaches clients how to use our intuitive system.

We'll deliver a SMART report with data on all your client's devices.

“Mobile Solutions has drastically cut down on the time the accounting and IT departments used to focus on phones & tablets. This has freed our time to focus on more productive projects to further our company’s growth.”

Laura Bluntschli
Hensel Phelps Construction

Finding residual income streams is always a benefit to any organization.

Finding one that delivers ongoing value to your client is even better!

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