Full Life-Cycle Managed Mobility Services

Mobility is a powerhouse in today’s competitive market. A well-managed mobile environment provides the ability to make dynamic, intelligent business decisions. With the rise of mobility there are new opportunities – and challenges. At Mobile Solutions we are experts in the full life-cycle management of your mobile environment. Our solutions include procurement, staging and kitting, real-time expense management, business analytics and reporting, managed EMM, repair and disposal.
Below, you can read more about each of these critical steps in managing your mobility.

New Device Request 
We assist with acquiring all new devices. Simply submit a new device request via our intuitive portal or dedicated service desk phone number. Our team handles order placement and updates you with tracking and shipping.

Staging & Kitting
We help guarantee that your end user has exactly what they need to hit the ground running. We offer device configuration including application installation, end-user quick-start guides, accessory kitting, and EMM enrollment.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
A Magic Quadrant Leader EMM solution combined with our best-in-class support enables instant mobile device configuration, management, and security. Our simple and fast process means the transition is a non-project for you! Our solution offers a pricing scaled rollout, meaning you only pay for the devices that are actually enrolled.

With our managed services, EMM can be completely monitored and managed by Mobile Solutions.

24/7, Always-On, US-Based Service Desk 
Our local, in-house service desk supports your admins and end users. Access us anytime through our easy-to-use portal and dedicated service desk phone number.

Comprehensive Portal & Real-Time Analytics
Understanding your mobility is key to saving you time and money. We offer a comprehensive portal and real-time analytics to ensure you can make intelligent business decisions. Our user-friendly portal provides visibility of carrier and data usage.

Real-Time Account Management
Our dedicated account manager partners with you to deliver real-time optimizations, identify opportunities for savings, and provide regular account reviews.

Device Reclamation Services
The average lifespan of a mobile device is 2 years. Our device reclamation services guarantee that all your devices are taken care of.

  • Obtain device from end user
  • Ensure data is encrypted and removed
  • Wipe device to factory settings
  • Create certificate of data erasure
  • Disposition device for redeploy, buyback, or recycle
  • Apply credit to invoice

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Bundled Solutions for your

Mobile Device Life-Cycle Management

Mobile Solutions’ 500+ clients each have individual business needs, just like you! So, we crafted bundles that cater to your needs while offering you the best value in the market. Our bundled plans cover the whole spectrum of mobile device life-cycle management – from procurement to monitoring and support, all the way to end-of-service – we have a solution for you. With Managed Mobility Services, you can deliver a 3-year ROI of 184%.





Mobile Expense Management(MEM)

MEM + Life-Cycle Management(LCM)

MEM + Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM)


The Value bundle covers all the basic necessities of mobility management. From procurement to in-cycle optimizations, we save up to 60% of your time and 20% of your budget. Our comprehensive portal offers real-time monitoring, empowering your IT team to excel in their role. Combined with our 24/7, US-based service desk, you will never be without mobility resources.

The Standard bundle includes everything in Value. We also offer additional savings in the full life-cycle of your mobile devices. Staging and kitting provides your end users with the hardware and apps they need to thrive on day one. With an average lifespan of 2-years, your end-of-life devices are a huge potential saving. From staging and kitting to end-of-life services we have you covered.

The Secure bundle is designed to monitor and protect your mobile environment. MEM provides visibility and control of your mobility, ensuring you can make intelligent business decisions. Leveraging our EMM solution safeguards your company data – every year 70M smartphones are lost and only 7% are recovered. EMM also pushes the proper apps out to your end users so they can efficiently perform their role.   

Our Pro bundle combines everything from Value, Standard and Secure. Mobility is a growing field. Estimates predict that the mobile workforce will exceed 105.4M by 2020. Having a mobile workforce brings new opportunities – and complexities. We offer you optimization and peace of mind that ensures your IT team can stay committed to innovating your business.

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