42Gears Mobility Systems and Mobile Solutions Partner to Bring Success

Jordan Philip, Vice President of Solution Architecture

February 27, 2019

In technology, changes occur so quickly that the only way to stay ahead is to have partnerships with subject matter experts who are constantly innovating to deliver best in class solutions and service.

Mobile Solutions has chosen to partner with many big names in the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) marketplace. These partners have been leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for years now and play a critical role in the security strategies of both our clients and Mobile Solutions alike.

Big box enterprise solutions (think upper right Gartner Magic Quandrant), are feature rich, reliable, and well documented in their successes are an easy sell for many security professionals due to their brand-recognition and track record. Many of these tools are selected and contracted with before extensive environmental testing is even performed.

Since not every client’s needs are the same, a “one-size fits all” approach, while seemingly convenient, can fall short in achieving very specific goals effectively when it matters.

Mobile Solutions selected a tried and true UEM solution we had been in partnership with for years when our client, a soft service provider, approached us with an opportunity to manage a fleet of around 10,000 Android devices. The opportunity was seemingly simple in scope, to automatically enroll these devices, prevent a user from wiping their device so they can sell it, and to install an internally developed application. Every member of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and some that haven’t yet made their mark on this holy grail of rankings will tout their products as capable these UEM tasks.

After the deployment of 500 initial beta test devices to some testing locations, unforeseen issues began to arise with this now unique situation. Weekly application updates from the client’s internal development team began to flow into the system and combined with a serious flaw in the UEM solution’s application update procedure, devices were not receiving updated versions of the app, and couldn’t even get them manually. After 6 all-hands meetings with the UEM solution’s tier-3 teams, account managers, and even developer team leads, nothing happened. Roadmaps were quoted, and release notes on updated releases of the UEM agent missed the target completely, as if we’d never reported a single issue.

Sure, a band-aid could be applied, but with 95% of the environment soon to be deployed, we had to nail it with more certainty than ever.


After many sleepless nights putting nearly every UEM tool to the test, we found a solution.

Enter 42Gears.

After a successful 2-day field test with the solution SureMDM, a few holes were found; such as access to certain Knox APIs preventing device lock-down. After a brief call, a few chats to 42Gears’ 24-hour instant response support line, and our issues were reported. We received an email from a product strategy executive at 42Gears the next day, stating the issues we’d reported were “a miss on our part” and that they’d truly appreciated our input. Attached to the email was a new UEM agent application that was developed overnight by their team, and upon login to the UEM console, new functionality was available. After another day of testing, we had a rock-solid proof of concept.

We were on a plane to Freemont, CA a few days later to meet with the 42Gears team, and a new partnership was inked. Dealing with a mid-size business is a hugely different experience for a customer or partner as the agility and willingness to pivot is present throughout the relationship.

Rigidity has no place in problem solving.

The partnership with 42Gears adds a unique, yet extremely powerful tool to our repertoire. Combining real-time administration of devices, an extremely flexible unattended remote-control feature, script-based actions with real-time feedback, and the most important of all features, 42Gears’ incredible support and agility, Mobile Solutions confidently brings 42Gears into the conversation.

Through our partnership with 42Gears Mobility Systems, we were able to develop and provide a secure solution for our client. Because of this partnership, we were honored to win the Enterprise Technology Management Association’s Partnership Achievement award at the spring conference in Denver, Colorado.