Demystify Automated Enrollment

When using a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solution for your mobile endpoints, ensuring all your organizational devices are enrolled and compliant can prove to be a very challenging proposition for the IT department. Between developing simple instructions for your users to follow to enroll their devices, and getting them to follow these directions, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle. Enter automated enrollment programs. Apple Business Manager (previously DEP or Device Enrollment Program), Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), and Google Zero Touch Enrollment have drastically reduced this strain on IT, forcing devices to enroll into your UEM solution automatically, while bringing some other much needed functionality to the table. If it’s one thing I’ve learned when speaking to organizations of all sizes, most UEM administrators have heard of these programs, yet fail to leverage them because of their apparent complexity and lack of documentation. In analyzing the enrollment methods of a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader’s entire install base, Mobile Solutions has found that less than 5% of all iOS devices were enrolled using automated enrollment. Mobile Solutions customers using our UEM solutions are above 95%. What does this mean for our customers? Every single new device automatically enrolls itself into the UEM solution and locks itself in until your organization is ready to get rid of it. Some other great value adds are the removals of some popular anti-theft mechanisms that have long been the bane of mobility teams. Have you ever wiped an iPhone only to realize you can’t reactivate it because it’s asking for the previous user’s iCloud credentials? How about a Google account? Samsung account? Apple Business Manager, when used in conjunction with a UEM can automatically remove activation lock. Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment when used with a UEM will automatically remove Google Factory Reset Protection, as well as Samsung Reactivation Locks on your corporate-owned devices, allowing you to redeploy your devices in minutes, rather than accumulating a pile of very expensive paperweights. UEM administrators have the peace of mind that every single new device they procure will automatically enroll into their UEM solution, and immediately become compliant, allowing administrators to have constant contact with all their devices, also eliminating unnecessary support calls like “how do I get email on my phone?” or “what’s the WiFi password?”. Sound familiar? Let Mobile Solutions demystify the various automated enrollment programs available with a white-glove implementation service that’ll completely take the load off your already-overloaded IT workforce. Your IT staff will spend no more than an hour of their time between automatic enrollment application/registrations, and simple systems integration (such as AD) -- we’ll take care of the rest. Your organization is less than an hour away from an enterprise grade mobility management platform.  Jordan PhilipSecurity and Deployment