The Importance of Cost-Optimization: Doing More With Less

By Jim Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder

It’s hard to believe, but the pace of change in the IT world will be considered “slow” when we look back on it in five to 10 years. Don’t believe me? Just think about this – the iPhone didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the world in early 2007.

Makes you stop and think for a minute, doesn’t it?

Despite this tremendous rate of IT change, global spending on IT has refused to keep up recently. As research from leading analyst firm Gartner demonstrates, global IT spending has been lackluster so far in 2016. The firm recently downgraded its initial forecast of 0.5 percent growth this year compared to 2015 and now estimates that global IT spending will total $3.49 trillion in 2016. While that is still a huge number, it is actually a decline of 0.5 percent over total IT spend in 2015.

Of course, anyone who works in IT understands that despite the drop in spending, the expectation for IT’s output remains the same – and in some cases, increases. After all, in order for businesses to improve their overall performance, they almost always must rely on IT to keep the business humming and find new ways to lower expenses through standardization, simplification and automation. As a result, many IT leaders are scrambling to find solutions that will help them maximize their existing resources and optimize their IT costs.

Here at Mobile Solutions, we understand the plight of these IT leaders – and we created a product to help. Our cloud-based mobile expense management platform was designed to help companies gain control over their mobile device expenses, exposing unknown cost issues like roaming fees and chronic overuse charges. Through the power of automation, Mobile Solutions has simplified the management of mobile device costs, assets, usage, plans, invoices and reporting. The comprehensive dashboard provides administrators with insight into all of a company’s devices across all contracted carriers, making it easier for IT staff to devote themselves to more critical business necessities.

When all is said and done, wouldn’t most companies prefer to use their IT experts more strategically than on mobile device management and troubleshooting? We think so. Contact us today for a 60-day trial  and see what a difference Mobile Solutions can make in your cost optimization strategy.