Device Lifecycle Management

Zero Touch Device Deployment

Deploying devices to keep your end users productive is necessary in the mobile-first world. But it can be a headache to manage. With Mobile Solutions’ Device Deployment Services, you can ensure your end users have the devices they need, configured properly for their role. We make it simple, safe, and cost-effective to deploy large and complex environments.

Staging, Kitting, Provisioning & Deployment Services


Your devices will be delivered to your employees with the software and apps they need.


Our Lifecycle Management Experts build your devices from physical accessory requests to rolling your devices through Auto Enrollment Setup.


Our deployment services ensure that devices are configured with industry standards and your security policies.


We offer end user Quickstart guides, asset reporting, and have onsite stock available.

Reduced Costs

Pre-deploy configuration decreases hard and soft costs involved in getting a user a device.


We remove proprietary data on each device and reset to factory settings.

End User Set Up in Real Time

Once an employee receives their device, they can be auto-enrolled into the software and applications that you have approved. To the left, you can watch how quickly this process takes, just a few minutes (the video has been sped up) and the user is ready to go.

This process reduces the likelihood of your employee calling you for set up support.

Device Reclamation Services

Almost all IT admins have a “box of old devices” somewhere in their department. These devices pose a significant security risk and their value drastically decreases over time. Device Reclamation Services securely erases all corporate data and monetizes the capital expenditure of used, corporate devices.

  • Current devices typically recoup between $45 and $65 on average.
  • These funds are automatically credited to your invoice each month.
  • Device Reclamation will work with vendors to remove activation locks, which significantly increases the device’s worth.

We Can Help You:

  • Deploy large and complex device environments through our secure one-stop shop.
  • Order and track devices with logistics management.
  • Manage specific Device Configurations.
  • Ship Employee Kitts with devices, documents, and accessories
  • Free up your IT admins time to focus on more productive projects.
  • Support new carrier, device, or technology transitions.
  • Take care of the “box of old devices” to recoup costs.
  • Execute on reverse logistics, replacements, buy backs, and device recycling.
  • Ensure data is responsibly destroyed and reset to factory settings.

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