The Elements of A Great Dish

Jacob Mollohan, Senior Marketing Specialist

August 28, 2018

Recently, I was given the privilege of attending a chef’s dining experience with my team. As each course was presented, the chef explained his inspiration for the dish. And each dish had a way of transporting us, a way of taking the simple process of dining and elevating it into a shared experience. There was something wonderful about the way community was created in that moment.

It’s widely accepted that the four key ingredients to a successful dish are salt, fat, acid, and heat. Each of these are necessary, working off the interplay of flavors to add depth. The chef had an intimate knowledge of the ingredients he worked with. He understood the complex balance of flavor, texture, and pace of the meal. And he delivered in a way that enhanced our shared experience. Ultimately, what the chef did wasn’t so different from what we do at Mobile Solutions every day.

Creating community to provide value to everyone around us.

As I write this, I look around at the different teams I’m surrounded by. Like the different teams needed to execute in a kitchen, our teams work seamlessly together. Implementation ensures every other team has the tools they need to excel. They offer trainings and in-depth knowledge of our platform. Account Managers, building relationships and providing insight and understanding into our clients’ mobile environments. The Service Desk on the front line, taking calls and chats to make sure our clients’ needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Our behind the scenes teams, Development who built our next-gen platform, MAX, from the ground up. They combined their years of experience to build a tool that changes the way mobility management works. It puts our clients first, providing an entire view of their mobile environments in a unified experience.

And finally, Amber Hollenbeck, our VP of Product Strategy. In a lot of ways, she is mirroring that chef’s expertise. She draws on an intricate understanding of all the various elements of a mobile environment to guide the ongoing progress of MAX. She combines her in-depth knowledge of carrier portals, user experience, and complex workflows to constantly oversee an immense number of moving parts. All while making sure no opportunity for improvement is missed.

What stands out the most for me is how, just like that meal where we created community, it is people that make Mobile Solutions thrive. Our people come to work every day, not just to do a job, but to create community and truly provide value to those we serve. It’s humbling and thrilling to be a part of this team, to see where the future will take us. It comes down to a simple rule: find something you love to do and then do it to make the lives of those around you better.