Give Us Five

by Jim Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO

When companies come to us looking for a business partner who can help them navigate their mobility challenges, we usually start the conversation by asking how they currently handle their mobile environment. Then we ask how much time it takes that person or people to manage those many mobility tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Oftentimes, the answer is that they don’t really know – it just gets done, though not always as quickly or as cost-effectively as they might like.

In fact, in a survey conducted by Mobile Solutions last year, we found that most of the participating companies were unable to ascertain how much time their staff spent on the management of their company’s mobile devices. Of the other companies surveyed, one-third had staff members spending as much as 25 hours each week on mobile-related activities. Most of this time was spent on activities that can be offloaded easily to an automated mobility management solution that is supported by a knowledgeable team of help desk representatives.

Based on the tickets submitted through our cloud-based Managed Wireless Access (MWA) portal, these are the top five activities our customers are saving time on by letting Mobile Solutions handle them:

  1. Upgrading devices
  2. Swapping or changing devices
  3. Troubleshooting device issues
  4. Suspending lines
  5. Adding international lines

When you consider the time it can take to handle just one of these activities for just one user, the inefficiencies can quickly add up. A managed mobility service provider like Mobile Solutions offers two primary benefits over most companies’ status quo: expertise and automation.

With an always-on help desk that is staffed by mobile device experts with in-depth industry knowledge and a deep understanding of carrier plans and changing trends in mobility, a company has no need to spend valuable IT resources keeping up with the latest in mobility. Instead, they can focus on more strategic areas of the business, like how to outperform the competition. In addition, the automated solution enables simplified management of the tasks associated with mobile device management, including costs, usage, plan changes, invoice processing and reporting.

By allowing for the continual monitoring of an organization’s mobile environment, Mobile Solutions enables businesses to optimize mobile device usage to gain greater efficiencies in both direct costs and staff time. Are you settling for “getting by” with your mobile device management? Give us your top five mobility-related tasks and stop wasting your valuable time and resources today!  Request a demo now.