The Impact of Culture

We are so proud to announce that for the second year we are one of Inc.'s Best Workplaces and top 3 for Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. This is an achievement that is years in the making. That got us thinking about the people we have and the culture we foster. We took a step back to evaluate the feedback of our teams, to truly understand what it means to them to be a part of Mobile Solutions. We truly believe that a job well done stems from people that know how to work together to elevate the value of us all. Here’s what our people have to say about what working at Mobile Solutions means to them:

“Working for Mobile Solutions for me means working with family. We all have a vested interest in making our company succeed. It’s a culture and environment that more companies should aspire to become. When I come into work, it’s because I want to, not because it’s my job. It truly is a family here and it means that I come in here trying to do my best every day. This company is truly the company that I have wanted to work for. We all want to be able to enjoy coming to work on a daily basis and I’m lucky that this company decided to take a chance on me. As the company continues to grow I can only hope that I can grow with the company to become a better employee, better teammate and continue to grow as a person.”

Jenna SandomireSenior Account Manager

“Family: The ability to enjoy life in Colorado with my family. I moved to Colorado four years ago to escape the rat race of Washington, D.C. and have a more pleasurable lifestyle with which to raise my kids. Mobile Solutions allows me the tremendous benefit of working remotely from home which provides me more time to spend with my wife and kids. I enjoy the ability to coach my kids’ sports teams, take them skiing in the mountains, hit the bike park, hike Sanitas and Chautauqua, or just enjoy the outdoors together. Team: The people at Mobile Solutions are what makes for a fun place to work. I’ve not previously worked for an organization where I’ve enjoyed the company of my colleagues so much. There’s good-natured ribbing, celebrations galore, and an atmosphere where we all help each other out. When I ask for assistance, guidance, and insights the people here are genuinely happy to help. It’s a characteristic I’ve seen across all departments and one that people don’t have to think about, it’s instinct to be so helpful. Leadership: “What do you think?” is a question I hear frequently from people in leadership roles at Mobile Solutions. A hallmark of a good leader is to get input from all stakeholders and consider all the angles. As it’s part of the culture it’s no wonder why this company can pivot and shift directions with a nimbleness most companies struggle with. My opinion is valued which makes me feel heard and appreciated. I’ve never felt like I work FOR the leadership of this company. I feel like I work WITH the leadership.”

Keith PewEnterprise Sales

There are the obvious things, meals provided on a daily basis, food truck Fridays, bring your dog to work days, drench your boss day, awesome potlucks, and the legendary Christmas parties. Then there are the intangible elements that draw our team together. It’s in those times when we stay late to help another team member out, when we take a moment to share words of encouragement during challenging times, when we come together to celebrate the wins we have both inside and outside the office. Like any family, there are obstacles to overcome but the rewards of being part of such an engaged and thriving community make us all proud to come to work. It’s not that we are here because we have to be, we are here to support and grow together, to pursue dreams and always reach for bigger things. Here’s to everything to come in the future!