Know Your Limits

by Jim Johnson CoFounder and CEO

It’s been said that “ignorance is bliss.” But, when it comes to managing your enterprise’s mobile devices, that is most definitely not the case.

Without insight into employee usage on their mobile devices, companies can easily spend far more on their enterprise mobility needs than they anticipate. After all, most of us use our mobile devices for just about everything these days – from legitimate work-related activities like accessing emails and responding to calendar requests to non-work distractions such as catching up on the latest episode of “Carpool Karaoke.” Add to that the endless amount of data-hogging apps available today and it’s pretty easy to exceed even a generous monthly data allowance without realizing it.

If you provide mobile devices to your employees as part of their benefits package, then you could be getting hit with whopping data usage expenditures every month. And, if you’re like many businesses, you don’t have a dedicated mobility manager who’s responsible for keeping a close watch on mobile device charges and data overuse. Instead, that somewhat thankless job probably falls on the shoulders of your already overworked IT department or administrative assistants – which means data usage monitoring probably is at the bottom of their priority list.

Organizations who want to find a way to prevent excessive data charges due to employee overuse can turn to Managed Mobility Services (MMS), which alert users and employers before the charges hit your monthly invoice. Through the use of a threshold feature, the MMS solution enables administrators to set certain data usage thresholds for each billing cycle, such as 75 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent of data available. When a user approaches the data usage thresholds, then both the user and the administrator receive an alert via text and/or email. If the overuse becomes a chronic problem, administrators can choose to block mobile data for the device altogether after the threshold has been met.

Rather than paying for the extra data usage after it shows up on a bill, the MMS solution prevents the overage from occurring in the first place. Establishing data use thresholds puts the control of mobile device usage and expenses back in the hands of employers. Find out more about how Mobile Solutions is helping businesses of all sizes simplify the management of their mobile devices through our comprehensive, full life-cycle managed mobility services.