LifeCycle Management

Simplify and centralize the management of your mobile devices.

Effective management of mobile assets is critical to reduce spend, minimize security risks, and enable productivity, ensuring your end users have the devices they need, in the configuration necessary.



      Staging and Kitting Services
      Staging and Kitting Services is a simple, cost-efficient way of ensuring your devices are ready to be used, in the configurations your users need, straight out of the box. This significantly decreases the hard and soft costs involved in getting a user a device.


        Western Specialty Contractors Utilizes Mobile Solutions to Professionally Deploy and Manage Fleet of Mobile Devices

        “We brought in Mobile Solutions and through Jordan’s expertise we were able to change gears and develop a solution that met every single one of our objectives.”

        According to TechTarget, 

        “Based on performance, most smartphones should be replaced about every two years. While some will point to the costs involved, any reduction in productivity due to performance and support needs significantly outweighs the cost of a new device over its two-year life. A 5% reduction in productivity for a worker with a $60,000 annual salary costs an organization $3,000 — far more than the cost of a new smartphone.”

        Device Reclamation Services
        Almost all IT admins have a “box of old devices” somewhere in their department. These devices pose a significant security risk and their value drastically decreases over time. Device Reclamation Services securely erases all corporate data and monetizes the capital expenditure of used, corporate devices.

        • Current devices typically recoup between $45 and $65 on average.
        • These funds are automatically credited to your invoice each month.
        • DRS will work with vendors to remove activation locks, which significantly increases the device’s worth.

        Renewable Energy Company Bundles Solutions for Their Entire Mobile Environment to Deliver a Powerful ROI

        “Life-Cycle Management is returning thousands every month, for an ROI of 71%.”

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