What’s MaaS Got to Do With It?

By Jim Johnson, CEO and CoFounder

If you’ve ever thought, “The only thing constant is change,” then you might work in enterprise mobility. Just when you think you’ve got your plans, devices, and billing under control, the carriers go and change the way they calculate data charges or update their user agreements or tweak their billing systems. Frustrating? Yes. Costly? Perhaps. Time-consuming? Absolutely.

One of the ongoing challenges for today’s IT professionals is how to ensure the security and safety of company data that is accessed via mobile devices without compromising an employee’s mobile experience and productivity. Coupled with the ever-changing mobility environment, this balancing act has led many enterprise mobility managers to throw their hands in the air in frustration. Quite simply, the level of complexity in the world of mobile devices is becoming increasingly overwhelming.

Enter Mobile Solutions Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) powered by MaaS360. From one simple platform, CIOs and mobility managers can quickly control the entire mobile device lifecycle – from device enrollment to enterprise integration, configuration, and management, and from monitoring and security to support, analytics and reporting. The solution helps companies increase security and compliance enforcement while reducing the cost of supporting mobile assets. Rather than spending time monitoring for mobile threats and compliance, an organization’s IT professionals can actually focus on projects that further business performance.

Providing end-to-end management of all of today’s mobile devices, the Mobile Solutions platform:

  • Streamlines the setup and ongoing management of devices.
  • Configures device settings to ensure compliance with corporate policies.
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing organizational systems and infrastructure.
  • Provides dynamic security management capabilities to continuously monitor devices.
  • Ultimately increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

With this solution, Mobile Solutions helps organizations overcome the complexity of a fast-changing mobility environment, removing the burden of enterprise mobility management from the overworked backs of corporate IT departments. To learn more or sign up for a free 60-day trial, visit http://mobilesolutions.net/free-trial/.