Mobile Mayhem

By Jim Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder

You might want to file this under “Yet another reason to use a managed solution.”

In case you missed it, more than 4,000 Verizon customers across the country have complained to The Plain Dealer, Cleveland’s daily newspaper, that their data use has gone through the roof in recent months.

Here’s just one example: “Chicago filmmaker Matthew Sanders for years used 6 gigabytes a month on average. He renewed his contract with Verizon Aug. 9 when he got a new Internet hot spot. Three weeks later, Verizon said he’d used a whopping 38 gigabytes of data. That was more than he’d used in the last six months combined. Verizon told him its data records were accurate, including the 6 gigabytes the company says he used in one hour. Yes, one hour.”

The result of the unusually large data usage, of course, is monstrous overage fees – some amounting to thousands of dollars each month. One Alabama woman saw her monthly bill increase dramatically, from $250 to $1400 in one month. And, a New Jersey mother was told by Verizon that her phone would be shut off because she couldn’t pay the $1200 bill from the previous month.

While the Federal Communications Commission is looking into the many consumer complaints brought on by these enormous charges, the fact is that in many cases, it may come down to an error in Verizon’s billing technology.

According to The Plain Dealer, “Multiple technology experts and former Verizon employees say the company also may have a problem with its database management system that miscalculates how much data is used in some cases. In other cases, when existing customers make account changes, they won’t know they’re often put into a new billing category that affects how they consume data and how their bills are tabulated.”

If these users worked for companies using a managed mobility solution, they could rest a bit easier. Why? The more advanced solutions, such as the one offered through Mobile Solutions, provide detailed reports to drill down into specific usage by phone line. In addition, managed mobility services at Mobile Solutions also include proactive account management, which means companies have a mobility monitor in place to catch anomalies in real time and ensure company mobile plans are accurate.

Organizations interested in learning more about proactively managing their enterprise mobility – and avoiding the potential for thousands of dollars spent on overage fees – can sign up for a free, 45-day trial from Mobile Solutions today.