Taking Mobility Off Your Plate

By Dennis Doyel, COO

In our experience, we’ve found that more and more IT managers are deciding to outsource their mobility management as they’ve come to recognize the primary benefits: increased efficiencies, improved cost monitoring and enhanced end-user support. The general consensus is, there is no real value for our company to keep enterprise mobility management in-house. External experts can do it better – and for less money.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it – research from the tech industry gurus at Gigaom shows that IT managers are more than willing to outsource mobility management to a third-party managed mobility services (MMS) provider. Of the survey respondents, 17.2 percent already use an MMS provider while 31.5 percent are actively investigating them. There was 13.6 percent that said they would never outsource, but we think many of those IT managers will come around once they understand the benefits.

For instance, by outsourcing mobile expense management (MEM) to an outside provider, companies can:

  • Create operational efficiencies that free up the valuable time of talented IT staff, instead of focusing their efforts on tasks such as setting up a cell phone for a new employee.
  • Gain deeper insight into the true cost of mobility for the company – and find ways to optimize mobility for the organization.
  • Monitor employee usage in order to implement stronger policies and better plans that can help control mobility expenses.

How does a MEM provider help companies achieve this? In a number of ways, including providing a platform from which organizations can keep tabs on their entire inventory of mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. MEM providers automate the processing of invoices to ensure that a company doesn’t miss a bill payment and incur late charges. Regular audits by MEM providers also ensure that the inevitable errors in carrier invoices are caught and addressed quickly.

A MEM provider also provides value-added services like arming companies with information that can improve carrier contract negotiation, which is one of the best ways to save money on mobile expense services. In addition, with the detailed reports available through most MEM platforms, organizations can identify inefficiencies in carrier plans and find areas where the company may be wasting money.

Outsourcing mobility has never been easier and more companies are beginning to sit up and take notice. Mobile Solutions has helped organizations from large, multi-national construction firms to regional trucking companies restore time and efficiency to their IT departments and allow a greater focus on more strategic business challenges. Schedule a demo today and find out how Mobile Solutions can help your company.