The explosion of mobile growth has brought a wide array of changes to industries across the world. In only a few decades the world of communication and connectivity has changed. Here’s a quick glance at some mobility milestones:

  • 1983 First analogue mobile phone
  • 1993 IBM Simon – first smartphone
  • 2007 295 million subscribers on 3G networks worldwide
  • 2009 3G networks overwhelmed by the growth of bandwidth-intensive applications
  • 2010 4G enters the market
  • 2017 5G testing around the world
  • 2020 6B mobile users and the rise of IoT

The digital transformation is altering the landscape of business at every level. Not only that, but it’s speeding up. New apps and technologies enter the market every day. 98% of businesses report that employees use mobile devices for their job.

Whether your environment is a hundred devices or thousands, discovering your mobility needs and opportunities is a key step toward managing your mobility. Without a mobility strategy you may be investing way more resources than you even know. Simply put; lacking a mobility strategy isn’t good enough anymore.

We’ve put together a quick, interactive assessment to give you insight into your mobility management strategies and where they can be optimized. You’ll also receive an exclusive Mobility Management Strategies Infographic explaining your score, ways to improve, and offering insight into the mobile revolution.  

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