Mobile Solutions delivers a zero-risk proposition – no integration, no change management, no upfront costs, no changes to carrier relationships or usage patterns…bottom line, if the service isn’t delivering value it’s easy to go back to the way things were being performed previously, and 98.6% of the time our service is delivered at a zero net expense.

Key Difference:

  • We are the only company that has near real-time data feeds with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. These feeds provide our Account Managers with usage data for the previous day, which allows them to make in-cycle changes to optimize the carrier accounts. All other providers make recommendations after the carrier bill becomes available.
  • Our Service Desk is operational 24×7 and is a standard element of our solution. They are all Mobile Solutions employees and are based in our Centennial office.
  • We are the only company that offers a free trial of our service. The client can try us out for 45 days before they make a decision. We provide a SMART report that outlines the impact we would have had if we were managing their environment, which includes what our fee will be and the savings we’re able to guarantee.
  • Industry leading 97% client retention rate
  • Commercial terms
    • We’re the only company that guarantees savings – if we miss in any month the client can cancel
    • We offer month-to-month as well as 1, 2 and 3-year agreements.  Pricing is reduced for term agreements.
    •  We must hit our Service Levels or the client can cancel
  • Every account is provided an Account Manager whose sole purpose is to help the client reduce their carrier spend.
“Through our full-service technology services portfolio, we are delivering end-to-end solutions for our clients’ most complex business challenges. Through our partnership with Mobile Solutions, we can now provide companies of all sizes a service that will streamline their entire mobility management, from device purchase to 24/7 support.”

Joel St. Germain
CEO of Global

Finding residual income streams is always a benefit to any organization.

Finding one that delivers ongoing value to your client is even better!

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