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What is Managed Mobility?

Managed Mobile Services (MMS) encompass the IT and process management services required by a company to acquire, provision, and support smartphones, tablets, and ruggedized field force devices with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity. Although the current market for such services is largely focused on corporate-liable devices, MMS engagements also provide a level of control to companies supporting individual liable devices, or bring your own device, accessing corporate resources and information. 


Why Mobile Solutions for your customers?

Full Service Managed Mobility:   

  • Mobile Expense Management
  • Can also include Fixed/Wireline and Cloud management via established strategic partners
  • Mobile Device Management / Unified Endpoint Management
  • Staging & Kitting
  • Bandwidth Manager

Proof of Concept:  

  • Optimize: Full financial analysis prior to any buying decision 
  • Secure: Health check of current environment; Sample deployment with actual users 


  • 24/7 Live US Helpdesk 
  • Dedicated Customer Delivery Manager & Customer Success Manager 

Why Mobile Solutions for you?

Can you make money offering managed mobility? 

  • In the past, mobility was not a focus for partners since the opportunity to build a significant recurring revenue model was limited. This is no longer the case! With the rise in need for on-going optimization of mobile deployments, both for mobile expense management and mobile device management (which is now becoming unified endpoint management with the addition of laptops), these services are available via monthly subscriptions, generating monthly recurring revenue for the partner. 

Paid on activations 

  • A few of our master agency partners now qualify to be compensated on device activations on Verizon and ATT networks. This results in an upfront, one-time payment, in addition to the recurring revenue that will be earned from our monthly managed services. 
    • Contact your master agency channel manager or your Mobile Solutions channel manager for details. 

Evolution of Managed Mobility 

  • As companies strive to contain costs, rising wireless usage has become a focus for company CFOs. Mobile Solutions’ “Optimize” service focuses on cost containment by active and ongoing usage patterns and plan options, leveraging our proprietary mobility platform, MAX, to identify and recommend cost-cutting actions on the account. 
  • With the increase in reliance on wireless communication and remote work, security at the endpoint (i.e. a smartphone) has become a critical component of corporate environment protection. Recently, devices that are supported by many mobile device management (MDM) services have expanded to include laptops, creating a comprehensive protection service, referred to as unified endpoint management (UEM). 
  • To round out the full lifecycle management of a mobile environment, there is a front end and back end logistics component. On the front end, staging and kitting services save our customers an average of 40 minutes per device.  This process includes loading the customer-defined applications, applying screen protectors and protective cases, and packaging with charges and any other ancillary equipment requested by the customer. On the back end, collecting the device from the end-user and prepping it for redeployment or recycling to recuperate the current value of the phone. Far better than having the devices thrown in a drawer to collect dust, or just tossed in the trash!  

Why Offer Mobility? 

  • Since cost containment and data security are always a priority for companies of all sizes, if you are not asking your customer what they are doing for mobility, someone else will! Managed mobility services provide an additional, on-going touchpoint with each of your customers, solidifying the value of the relationship that you, as the partner, established with the mobility provider.   
  • Adding a managed mobility provider to your offering allows you to own more of your customers’ “tech stack”, resulting in a “stickier” customer. 

Why Mobile Solutions? 

  • Mobile Solutions is one of very few companies that offer a comprehensive platform, which includes mobile expense management (MEM), mobile device management / unified endpoint management (MDM/UEM), and lifecycle management (LCM). 
  • The vast majority of other mobile expense management companies also focus on larger companies, with a minimum of 300 devices, or significantly more, depending on the provider. 
  • Don’t make the mistake of putting us in a bucket and call us a MEM or MDM company. While this is a component of the service that we provide, it is not the core offering, which is really “managed mobility”. Just as managed services providers provide outsourced IT support for their customers, so too does Mobile Solutions, but with a focus on mobility.   
  • Thanks to some strategic partnerships, we also provide fixed/wireline expense management (TEM), and even cloud management, across Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms. 
  • Mobile Solutions also maintains 24/7 live customer support, based in our home office in Centennial, Colorado. 

Here is a partial list of companies who trust Mobile Solutions for their partners managed mobility needs: 

Our Solutions

  • Optimize: Mobile expense management is the processes, assisted by specialized software, that an organization uses to optimize and manage the costs of their mobile environment. 
  • Secure: Unified Endpoint Management enables organizations to provision corporate security policies such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, apps, and security credentials remotely, and before the asset reaches the hands of any employee. 
  • Manage: Staging and kitting services significantly decrease the company resources involved in ensuring end users have the devices and resources they need to perform their roles. Device Reclamation services securely erase all corporate data on corporate-owned devices. 
  • Bandwidth Manager 

Our Target Customer

Our sweet spot is Small and Medium-sized businesses, Mid-Market, Enterprise Organizations with 100 – 8,000 corporate liable or BYOD devices.

Getting Started

Questions to ask:

  • Optimize: Cost Containment & Process Streamlining
    • How are you controlling costs in mobility?
    • How do you manage data usage? 
    • How do you support end-users? 
    • How do you identify lines without usage? 
  • Secure: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
    • What is your policy on accessing corporate data from personal devices? 
    • How do you enforce security policies on corporate mobile devices? 
    • Are there any applications that should not be used on corporate devices?
  • Manage:  StagingKitting & Device Reclamation 
    • How often does your organization refresh devices? 
    • Do new devices go to the end-user or to the IT department 
    • What do you do with old devices?

Challenges to listen for:  

  • Spend remains higher than necessary without active management of mobile environments. 
  • Visibility into lines without usage and data management is lacking through the carrier portals. 
  • Support is costly and time consuming, taking your people off business-critical tasks. 
  • Security solutions can be difficult to implement and often lack support. 
  • Deployment of company-specific applications and containerizing corporate data. 
  • Time lost to stage and kit devices with cases, screen protectors, and mounts. 
  • Consistent user experience across all devices, user groups, and carriers. 
  • Removing activation lock and company data from decommissioned devices. 

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Deal Registration

Email the following to partnersupport (at) mobilesolutions.net : 

  • Company name and contact email / phone
  • Partner name and email / phone
  • Number of Devices
  • Carrier(s)
  • Services requested 


Sales Process

Deal Registration 

  • Company Information 
  • Partner Information 
  • Device Count 
  • Carrier(s) 
  • Solution(s) requested 

Discovery call  

  • A 15-minute call to uncover full opportunity 
  • Clarifying pain points 

Software Demonstration 

  • A 45-minute call to showcase software platform 

Proof of Concept  

  • Optimize: Connect to carrier portal(s) to capture actual customer data and run financial analysis [2-3 weeks] 
  • Secure: Configuration of test environment and provision 5 licenses [2-4 weeks] 

Contracting: 1, 2, and 3 year terms