You were directed to this page because your mobile device has used more than 5G. You can go to to see how much you have used, and when your billing cycle resets. See below.

How to track your data usage:
  • Leverage MAX, the Mobile Solutions portal, to see your current usage and how many days are left in the billing cycle (accurate within 24 hours of actual use). Simply click on, input your cell number and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link and it will reset.
    • Click the History tab on the line landing page to see historical usage.
  • Contact the Service Desk at our dedicated number: 844.428.5792
  • You can use “Reset Statistics” on your phone to track usage over a weekly or 30-day period to understand what you are using. Click your device type below to see step by step directions.


As a reminder, Quanta data plans are not unlimited. At corporate, we have set a data threshold of:

  • 2G for normal business use
  • 5G for heavy travelers

The company is financially responsible for every GB we use. It currently costs our company almost $2M per year for data usage.

In an effort to control those costs, we now send alerts for anyone using more than 5G. We understand that this device may be used for personal reasons, as well as business, and would like your assistance in reviewing your usage to determine if you can reduce any data “leaks” (streaming video and music when NOT connected to WiFi are usually the largest uses of data).


Below are:

  • Some common high data applications
  • Instructions on how to track your data usage
  • Tips on how to reduce usage
  • Where to see the monthly data trend for your device

Please contact Mobile Solutions Service Desk at 844.428.5792 if you need assistance.

What Applications Are the Biggest Data Offenders?

Social networking and streaming services – the average user spends 2.3 hours a day on digital media! What’s even more amazing is that in a lot of circumstances, the top data offenders are not malicious in nature, just simply unaware.


Tips for reducing your smartphone data usage (CLICK YOUR DEVICE TYPE BELOW TO SEE STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS):
  • Check for the WiFi symbol on your phone when in the office or at home.
  • Turn off Location Services.
  • Turn off Push Notifications.
  • Watch out for “free” apps, they tend to use up more data.

How much data are you using on your smartphone right now?

Please click your device type below: