Turn Your

Android Phone into a Mobile Hotspot

Basic mobile hotspots, used to deliver internet to remote locations or workers, lack manageability in terms of locating and remote configuration by administrators. This can leave your valuable mobile endpoints vulnerable.

Greater Control of Mobile Endpoints

Android devices, when configured as managed mobile hotspots, can provide a company administrator with:

Remote WiFi configuration

Such as WiFi SSID/network name, passcode.

Location tracking

Know where your devices are located at all times.

Secure control

Easily block these devices from being used as hotspots, without suspending or canceling service, allowing the device to remain manageable.

We Can Help With:

• Enabling remote workers
• WiFi hotspot shortages
• Facilitating streamlined internet access
• Remotely managing and tracking WiFi devices

Android as a Mobile Hotspot can:

• Empower your employees to work from home
• Extend a secure internet environment to connect to the corporate network
• Reuse your spare Android inventory and make them work as mobile hotspots
• Furnish the growing demand for WiFi hotspots

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