Use your Android as a Mobile Hotspot


Use your Android as a Mobile Hotspot

August 4th, 2020

Are you prepared for the future of remote? 

Deliver a seamless wireless experience. 


2020 has been a year of tremendous change. From a global pandemic to social movements, we have all felt the shift. And for many of us, we probably weren’t prepared. As we have learned, adjusting to the new normal is a constantly shifting target. 

To put it simply, no one really knows what will happen next. 

Despite all this change, and all the challenges it brings, people everywhere are more active than ever. Teachers are adapting classrooms to mobile for more than 400 million students. Kitchen tables and living room couches replaced offices as businesses transitioned to enable work from home 

Because despite all this change, life goes on. 

And as we contemplate what may come next, ask yourself; am I prepared for the future? For those students and end users operating remote, a seamless wireless connection empowers them to engage with the communities and jobs that connect us all. 

For organizations looking to gain control of delivering a wireless connection, solutions are necessaryBasic mobile hotspots, used to deliver internet to remote locations or workers, lack manageability in terms of locating and remote configuration by administrators. This can leave your valuable mobile endpoints vulnerable.  


Mobile Solutions’ Android as a Mobile Hotspot provides you with greater control of your mobile endpoints. Android devices when configured as managed mobile hotspots can provide an administrator with:  

  • Location tracking – know where your devices are located at all times. 
  • Remote WiFi configuration – such as WiFi SSID/Network Name, passcode.   
  • Secure control – easily block these devices from being used as hotspots, without suspending or cancelling service, allowing the device to remain manageable. 


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Written By: Jordan Philip, Solutions Architecture