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You will also hear from one of our clients and how they regained time and positively impacted their bottom line. 

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In the mobile-first world, your people need their devices in order to do their job efficiently. In fact, users are spending more than 3 and ½ hours a day on their devices! And almost all (94%) of mobile workers rely on their smartphones. 

But, embracing mobility without the proper governance strategies in place can quickly lead to mobile mayhem. With the right strategies, your mobility management can deliver a 3-year ROI of 184%!

We’ll be live for a free, 45-minute webinar next Wednesday, October 23rd at 12 PM MT/2PM ET.

In this educational webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for the latest mobility challenges and trends, including Mobile Expense Management, Life-Cycle Management, Unified Endpoint Management, and escaping the 80/20 trap.
  • Why automated processes and guaranteed SLAs on 28 ticket types can return up to 60% of your time.
  • How visibility and real-time data can save an average of 20% on mobile spend.
  • Why you need strategies to control data abuse - 10% of users often make up 54% of data usage. 
  • How to see your mobility metrics in a single pane glass view of your mobile environment, regardless of carriers. We’ll be doing a live demo of MAX, an innovative mobility management portal.

Join us for our final Mobility Management webinar of the year!

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